Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing catch up.

I feel like sometimes, all we do is play catch up. We just found out our taxes were refused for some reason? I'm not sure why, but we have to redo them. Governmental stuff like this kinda freaks me out cause there's so many rules and questions and things to follow that I just get so confused. These are the times when I just want my daddy to come pick me up, dust me off, and do it for me. 

On a better note, DirecTV comes on Friday! Super stoked that we're switching from Comcast to DirecTV. I'm sick of paying out the ass for Comcast when we could be getting HD, DVR, and wayyy more channels with DirecTV. PS-if anyone is thinking of switching to DirecTV, if you say I recommended you, we can both get $100!

A picture of the person you do the craziest things with.
Dara and Lesley, some of my closest friends. I can't really recall anything super crazy that we do, I feel like I don't really do REALLY crazy things anymore, I guess you kind of just grow out of it? But these are the girls I spend most of my time with, and we do get around to doing some pretty weird things sometimes.

A picture of something you hate.
*BARFFF* Oh my god, just looking at this picture makes me feel nasty. I hate hate HATE canned peas. Ever since I was a child, I couldn't ever stand them. Gross...I don't like to think about it.


  1. minus me :( because you're stuck on the island.

  2. If you go to military one source, there's a link to H&R Block, and military can file for free online. That's how we did ours and the returns were accepted and we've even already gotten our returns deposited back into our account.

  3. Ohhh, no way!! Thanks! If this one doesn't get accepted again, I'll definitely do that. Good call. :)

  4. Yup! We're going on base so H&R Block can do ours for free :) I'm just not in the mood & don't have the patience to do it and fuck it up.

  5. canned peas are sooo gross I agree with you on that! ewwwwwwww