Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is what we woke up to this morning, 6+ inches of snow. We weren't expecting snow at all so when we found out base was closed, we were pretty shocked! But of course, I still have to go to work, so thank GODDD we have a jeep so Cyrille can take me to work. I hate driving in the snow, it freaks me out. But Stanley (the dog in the picture) just loves the snow! He's been outside just sniffing and running around in the snow. There were some toys outside that were buried in the snow, so he's been looking around for the toys. It's finally stopped snowing, but I've heard the first little bit is a "teaser," and this afternoon is supposed to be wayyy worse. I hope so!

A picture of something you love.

Leggings and boots. I could wear leggings everyyy day. It's like getting to wear sweats in public, but they're fashionably acceptable (to some people.) I know it's just a fad and when I'm 40 my children will look back and laugh at this hideous trend, but for now, I love it.


  1. Wow...6 inches?! We never ever had any snow the 2 years I lived in Washington LOL, but I lived in Granite Falls and Everett.

  2. Nora, we got snow Nov 09 in Marysville & we've got a total of about 10 inches since Nov last year in Everett! It's snowing today in Everett & snowed last night. Not sure how much they got.

    I'm totally jealous! I'd love to be playing in the snow with you guys! It's lame and boring by yourself.

  3. Wow! Thats an insaine about of snow! Looks like the winter we just had here in Germany!
    Oh and I LOVE leggings! I do the leggings and high heels look at work.


  4. Wow - I did not know you where in WA! We got snow down here in Lewis too but not enough to close the base, just enough to make driving annoying :(

  5. Snow, I'll take some of that. I'll trade your for 80 degree wather, lol. I hate it.

  6. Thanks for following! I am following back. I love leggings and boots. They are my go to outfit :)

  7. Love the pic of your pup in the snow~ mine goes crazy in the snow. He kept wanting out a million times today to romp. Thanks for checking out my blog~ yours is A-dorable :)