Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Permanent "Funny Nose" Glasses

I've been inspired by Kelly over at Cup of Serenity to take a minute and embrace my femininity today. Take a look at her pictures and post some of your own! Here are just a couple of my faves:

I've been inspired lately to spend all my money. I know that's a really bad kind of inspiration, but it just comes and I can't help it. It usually comes around payday, or major holidays, or when we get off this little island and onto the mainland where all the shops are. I guess someone must have informed my friends of this inspiration because they want to take a shopping trip in Seattle this week. *Deep Breath!* I guess I DO need some new jeans...Oh and maybe some shoes, and DEFINITELY some spring/summer shirts and dresses. This is gonna be bad...someone stop me before I spend my life savings!

A picture of your biggest insecurity

Alright, I think you get the picture. My nose is what I'm most insecure about. I got blessed with my dad's nose, the Italian nose. Big and bulky is how I like to describe it! Buuutt, I'm definitely not into any kind of plastic surgery, so I guess all I can do is get over it!


  1. Those pictures are cute! And good luck with the shopping ;) hehe!

  2. That girl in the batman shirt seriously reminded me of me. I that girl that wear superhero sweaters with my hair up on the tippy top of my head in a messy bun.hehe

    Anyways, thanks for mentioning me! I'm glad it kind of inspired you. I felt so manly yesterday I was like omg Kelly go look at shoes or something asap.

  3. girl, i feel you there. I HATE my nose. I have a big ol' Italian nose (though a lot of people have mistaken it for a Jewish nose, even by some Jews).
    But I don't think I would ever be brave enough to get it fixed. haha. Guess I'll just have to embrace it.