Monday, March 14, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday...On a Monday

I've been inspired by Katie over at Everyday that You're Away to post pictures of all my tattoos and to explain their meanings. So, join me! Post your tattoos and let us all in on what they mean to you!

You can't REALLY see it here, so I added some arrows to point to it. This tattoo is a star right behind my ear. My best friend Brittany and I got matching tattoos. She got hers on her hip but I decided to get it in a more discrete location. I love this tattoo, to me it symbolizes friendship.

My Oak Tree tattoo. My most recent and my most favorite. This is what I want to make into a sleeve. I want to add more organic things to it, and I'm pretty sure that is going to be my next tattoo. I can't wait to finish it! But the meaning of an Oak tree is strength, independence, and bravery. And those are traits that are to be admired in any person. But those are traits that I really pride myself in. So an Oak tree was the perfect tattoo idea.

Alright, not my brightest idea. But I do love this tattoo. It was one of my first tattoos, that's why it's so small. I wish I either would have gotten it bigger or another anchor on the other side. I got this tattoo with the husband, so it was fun to do this together. Personally, I won't ever get a S/O's name tattoo'd on my body, it's just a personal decision. So getting an anchor was a big deal to me. Because not only does it signify my husband but anchor's also signify strength and stability.

My first tattoo everrr! And I do believe it was one of the best idea's I've ever had. Strength and Passion (See next picture) are two character traits that I pride myself in. Being a military wife, I believe you really need both of them in order to do your job to the fullest. You have to be strong and you absolutely have to have to be passionate about your spouse, even when they're half a world away. These are things that I strive to be everyday and so these tattoos remind me when I'm being doubtful.

Same as above :)

Don't look at my sock lines!
By far the most painful tattoo ever. I don't have a tattoo on my ribs, which I hear is JUST as painful. But on my body, these were the worst! The bird flying away from it's cage really does mean a lot to me. I got this tattoo around the time that I moved out of my house. To me, it symbolizes a coming of age and the steps I need to take in order to live life on my own. I loved being with my parents, but I really needed to just be on my own and do my life the way I wanted to. Make some mistakes, be me. And so this tattoo symbolizes just that.

A picture of yourself and a family member
My wedding day. The Made of Honor and the Best Man. This is my cousin Laura, she's been one of my best friends since birth and I love her to death! And the Best Man is Wade, my Sister-in-Law's Husband. This was the best day of my life, so far.


  1. Love the oak tree and the bird & cage! I have just as many tattoo's but {sadly} not all of them were very thought out. I was young and wanted tattoos!! Some I regret, some I love!

  2. Ahhhh love this SOO much!
    Your tattoos are so unique :D

  3. im with katie, such unique tattos. I love hearing about the meanings behind tattoos!

  4. My hip hurt WAY more than both my feet!

  5. Holy crap I love your artistic.
    I think the anchor is a good way to signify the bond you and your husband share without putting a name on you.
    The oak tree is SO well done. You're artist must've been great.
    I love the foot ones...and wrist ones. Gah, this makes me want to get a tattoo so badly. I have had the same 2 designs in mind for over 2 years (One will wrap under the outside ankle bone and the other on the ribs) but the money just always seems to be spent on other things. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tattoos fascinate me :) I really really like your tattoos on your feet. So awesome!

  7. The Oak Tree is by far my favorite! I was so excited for you to get it! :)

  8. All of those are absolutely gorgeous. I think my fave is the bird/cage tattoo. So beautiful.

    I only have one, a star on my hip, and when I was pregnant, a stretch mark went right through it. :[

    I *may* get one more with my husband, our song title on my rib cage (not sure where his would go), but I'm not too sure. If I do, I would love to show you.


  9. I love your tattoos, and the stories behind them- how special. :) The anchor and the bird & cage are my faves!