Monday, February 14, 2011

Everyone's Pregnant.

It's in the water. At every single military base, I swear, it's in the water. People are having babies, getting pregnant, trying to get pregnant, having baby showers, SOMETHING that has to do with babies. I feel like most of us get married young, why do we have to have babies young too? I'm only twenty years old...stop pressuring me to have a baby. Can people just be young and in love anymore? Marriage is a huge step...why do most people have to progress the commitment with babies? I'm really not a kid person...that may be it. I'm hoping I'll eventually grow into it. Like one day, I'll just wake up and be ready for a baby, at this point in time, I'm not ready. And is that a crime? People make it out to seem like one. *Gasp* you don't like kids? But you're a girl, and you're what? People need to take a step back and be married for awhile before they jump into having babies. Just enjoy your marriage, get to know your husband, take a vacation, just be with each other. Building a foundation for your marriage is the most important thing newlyweds can do, and instead of doing that, they're jumping into having children and focusing on the children instead of the wonderful person that's sitting across the table from them. This has just been on my mind a lot lately. I mean, I'm completely happy with where my life is at, I don't need to change where I'm at, maybe someday, but not now.

A picture of the cast from your favorite show.
Grey's Anatomy, my most recent addiction. I love all different kinds of shows, recently I've been into cooking shows like Semi-Homemade and I love Cupcake Wars. I also love reality TV like Jersey Shore, Real World, and Teen Mom. But Grey's is just the most recent.


  1. Hi! Names Jennifer and Im a new follower :)

    I think you make a good point in this post! Just because youre married, doesnt automatically mean you guys are ready for children. I think youre doing the right thing by enjoying your married life first, then thinking about babies later :)
    20 is still really young, so you have tons of time left! Dont worry about those that say you should get preggo asap-- one of the girls in a milspouse forum I belong to said it best when someone asked her when she was going to have a baby... "Im sorry, I wasnt aware that the contents of my uterus were any of your business!" Hope you have a great day :D

  2. Hahaha! :) That is so true, being young and married is enough, throwing a baby in right now would take away from the time with my husband. Thanks for the input!

  3. I left you a blog award on my blog! :)


  4. I love this blog post! I feel exact same way, 21 to be and married and EVERYONE around me is pregnant and expects me to be pregnant too. People are crazy these days! BTW thanks for passing through my blog :) Its funny how everything i have seen so far on you blog made me chuckle, i find myself in your blog and can relate in many ways. Ive become a follower and look forward to your posts :)

  5. First I wanted to say that I am following you back :)

    I think you are right about getting married young, don't rush into having babies! I was married at 19 and we had our first daughter at 21 and man WAS IT HARD! It took me 10 years to get my Bachelors degree and all of your dreams and goals will be put to the side, since, as we all know the Navy comes first! So who cares what other people think, do what you feel is the best for you and your hubby. And yes, TAKE A VACATION! I have never, ever been on a real vacay.....always use that time to visit family, and a nice beachy vacation with three little ones never seemed like much fun. So do it now while you still have your sanity :)

    And I also LOVE all the shows you mentioned above! I am a total reality show guilty pleasure!

  6. Young or older. It all depends on when the couple is ready. Had my first baby at 21 and third at 25. But we were ready. We wanted a young family. We were also raised by young parents. My mom was 21 when she had me, his Mom was 22/23 when she had him.