Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Being Married Means:

I gained a new follower the other day. Her blog, Adventures of Newlyweds, is an amazing blog. One of her blogs really touched me. Wife Lessons: Forgiveness & Being Grateful. I read this and my whole outlook changed.

Lately, I've been being so moody and horrible. And I've been taking it out on my husband. I've been thinking really horrible things, that I know aren't true, but I've been acting on my thoughts and I've felt really bad about it. It's been happening all the time, and I mean literally, all the time. I've been waiting for something to change, for me to just snap out of it, and I think this blog made it happen. So I'd like to do a MAJOR "Thank You" to my girl, Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for taking the time to share her thoughts on her marriage. It helped my marriage, and I really look forward to keeping up with your blog.

Being married means sharing the bed & moving over when you ask me to (without complaint.)
Being married means communicating with you when something is important to me.
Being married means choosing our battles wisely.
Being married means trusting you completely.
Being married means guarding your heart before my own.
Being married means embracing your weird habits.
Being married means maybe people won't understand us, but that doesn't matter. As long as WE understand us.
Being married means loving your more today than I did yesterday.
Being married means making you dinner, even when I'm not in the mood.
Being married means being your backbone and strength when you are away from home.
Being married means fighting for this marriage to work every day.

& Being married means always being there for you, no matter what comes our way. Because first and foremost, I am your wife, your best friend, and your soul mate. And no matter what walks into our lives, we will always face it together and get through it together, because we are strong enough to get through anything.


  1. Awww this is soooo sweet and so true. Especially the backbone part during deployments. Thanks for sharing! Now off to check out Ms. Ashley!

  2. Great post! I have been learning what it means to be married also.. Our first year was a little more rough than we expected. Marriage is a lot of work, especially at such a young age, but its worth it!

  3. This is so sweet! I'm not married or getting married or anything yet, but some of these apply to relationships too and I will definitely remember this post for when I'm married! :)

  4. what a fabulous post! i'm engaged now (getting married this fall) and i'll definitely take this advice to heart.

    great blog - i'm your newest follower!

    gonna check out adventures of newlyweds now....

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