Monday, March 7, 2011

My Current Frustration

As of now, it's just me, my husband, and our two dogs living in a small two bedroom/one bathroom house. We have a small backyard, a living room, kitchen, laundry room, etc. The usual rooms of a small apartment/condo type house. We both work fair amounts of time, I usually work 5-6 days a week, but only about 4-5 hours a day. My husband has had a pretty easy work schedule the past few weeks, but this coming up week his squadron is going to 12 on 12 off, so he'll be working 12 hour shifts for a few months. That's not my frustration.

My frustration is, I have plenty of time to clean, (I could be cleaning right now if I REALLY wanted to) yet, I'm not motivated to. My house is pretty decent, not completely trashed like on Hoarders!
No where near this, thank god! But it's dusty, I could stand to vacuum, I could stand to do the dishes, and I'm sure it would be better if I cleaned the bathroom at least once a week, but I don't. I'm just not motivated. Is that completely ridiculous that I'm pissed about my messy house, but I really don't have any will to actually clean it? Right before my husband came home from his deployment, I deep cleaned the house, and I mean DEEP CLEANED. But that was because I had something important coming up, and I mean, who doesn't need to really keep themselves busy for an upcoming homecoming? So, I got all the ledges dusted, deep cleaned the carpets, spot scrubbed the floors, cleaned all the windows, and all that jazz. Usually when I clean, it's just a quick vacuum, dust, dishes, trash, the normal household chores. But I feel like my house could really use a DEEP clean again. I need to clear out a couple days and just not do anything but clean...of course, a week after I do that, it'll be messy again.

The husband told me "Oh, you're busy working, don't feel bad about not cleaning. It's ok, babe." I have absolutely NO IDEA how my mom did it. She worked over full time, had 2 kids, a cat, a 5 bedroom house, and dinner to make every night! Sometimes I think, "Oh, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have a kid right now..." Hmmm...I can hardly keep the two bedroom house clean with just my husband and I and our two dogs! How would I even remotely be able to do it with a child running around? Props to all the moms out there that can keep a house and a happy husband, cause I have NO IDEA how I am going to achieve that!

A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel.
I guess it's not a set location, but I'd love to go on a Disney Cruise! It seems like a lot of fun.


  1. hahahah girl don't feel bad! I live in a studio apartment 450 square ft, and ever since my husband has been on deployment haven't cleaned on tiny apartment once! and I just go to school, and don't have pets... hahaha cleaning can wait until you want to :)

  2. I just try to do what I'm up for each day. Generally I vacuum, do dishes, clean the kitchen and clean up some of the little stuff lying around. I'm not too good at the dusting, mopping, bathroom cleaning thing myself and I'm home all day without working, no interruption from kids for 7.5 hours and a husband who helps out with cooking and stuff.