Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes, lovers!
You know the drill.

A nice cameraaa!! I've always been super in photography, but I've never had the money to get a really nice camera. I feel like if I did get a nice camera, I'd really get into photography. And maybe even start my own, little business. I'd love to take some classes as well.

A Manicure! I need one so bad, but I've just heard so many horror stories recently about bad nail salons and getting some kind of fungus from the tools. And so I've freaked myself out to the point where I'm scared to get one! Maybe I should just give myself a manicure, I need to go by the tools. Any tips?

Victoria's Secret Pink! I wish we had one on this small island! I'd buy everything.

A Garden! Ok, I don't wish I could plant a garden. I wish someone else would plant a garden for me. I'm not into dirt and bugs, but if someone would just come to my house and take out the dead trees and plant some pretty flowers, I'd be happy.


  1. YAY! Thanks for linking up! I really want a camera too.. a nice one!

  2. Just don't get fake nails and avoid the horror story fungus! Grow them out a little, and get them groomed and painted. They can be just as done-up (though maybe not as even) without the acrylics.

  3. I would also love to take some photography classes. And gardening is more fun than you think it would be. I was not a fan at first, but I grew to love it.

  4. I always have to avoid VS's Pink store at our mall, if not I'd walk out with the whole thing! :)

  5. That photo of the painted nails makes me want to paint mine with a glitter polish- how fun!