Monday, April 18, 2011

Tanning Lotion Reviews!


I used this about two days ago and I don't notice a HUGE difference just yet. It was a lot less greasy then my previous lotion (I don't remember the name of it right now though...oops!) It was pretty light on my skin and it had a great scent! I guess I didn't rub it in too well on the top of my hand though, because I do have a streak on it. Not too noticeable, but enough for me to notice it, obviously. I also missed a spot on my back, and now I have a white spot right in the middle of my back. I'm hoping it fades, or else next time I go tanning, I'll have to lather it on kinda thick on that one spot. So far, I'm digging this lotion. It was one of the best lotions I could find. And again, I've only used it once so far. It says to use this lotion once you've hit your "tanning plateau" which I had definitely hit. After you get your base tan, if you're using the wrong lotion, it seems like you just keep going tanning but you never get any darker, so I'm hoping after I use this tanning lotion for a couple weeks, I'll be getting noticeably darker. I'll definitely keep you updated!


Definitely got a good result after using this lotion. My face hasn't broken out yet, I wasn't overly greasy, I have no streak marks on my face, and my face isn't darker or lighter than the rest of my body. It's blended very well. Before I used this I was a little worried that my face would get darker than the rest of my body, but it's looking perfect so far. I had a lot of freckles when I got out of the bed, more than usual anyways, so I know it was doing its job! I couldn't really smell any scent on this lotion, which isn't really problem. I liked the pump that the lotion came out of. It's nice, it gives you just the right amount to use. I also put it on my neck and ears so it would blend a little better and that seemed to help as well.

All in all, these lotions aren't SUPER amazing yet. I'm hoping to see major results in the next couple weeks. I didn't expect to see crazy good results in the first use, but from what I see, I like. So I'll keep you updated and hopefully within the next couple times I tan, I'll have some good news!


  1. thanks for this! I have been looking for a new lotion to try <3

  2. Keep me updated about how you like it! I'm going to try to use the rest of the lotion I have now.

    I use it all over, even my face, and I don't break out but when I shower (the morning after) it's all gross and slimy. YUCK!

  3. I've been using Mirror by Devoted Creations and I like it a lot. It's giving me all around good color. :)

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